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His latest collection, 'The Chongololo Club' is

published by Pindrop press and was launched at The Phoenix Artist Club, (off Charing Cross Road), London on Tuesday, June 26th.


The poems in this collection examine that which is alien, and they go back to 1980/81 when the poet was living and working in Zambia's copperbelt town of Chililabombwe (the place of the croaking frogs) just a few miles from the border with what was then Zaire. (See the photo to the left which relates directly to the poem 'Fishing Zambia's Wild West'.

There followed a Westcountry launch on Saturday, October 6th, in Exeter Central Library as part of the Exeter Poetry Festival. (click here)


Where did we fish? How far did we tow

beer, boat, food and tent?  I cannot recall

a first glimpse of the river, or its name.

Did we ever learn it?

I don't remember pitching canvas,

only lumps under its floor at night.

My mind pictures the anonymous river

from the way it carried us,

not as it was seen from its banks, except,

when being the season of rain, a storm crept up,

forced us to an edge; one, where wetter than fish

we pulled ashore at a bare place under trees.

We joked about damp circumstance until

disbelief  when K.C. danced for biting ants -

and the other man, what was his name -

with a bark in his laugh?

The rain rattled;

shoved fingers between the branches.

Ants in a great rain I could not conceive,

yet they found me too, so I knew the snips

of tiny pincers that helped themselves

to my calves and thighs.

                                           There, memory clouds -

reopens on bright fish strung through gills

close to bewildered eyes - round, like currency

for the bribe at a road-block on our return.


What a start to 2015. First email of the year: Dear Graham,

We are absolutely delighted to send you New Year's Day congratulations!

Your poem "The Song Of The Child That Wants To Come" has made it through to our shortlist of 10. This is a remarkable achievement that you should be very proud of, particularly as we received almost 800 entries from 31 countries.

Highly Commended in the Barn Owl Trust poetry Competition.

Read with Moor Poets at Ways With Words, Dartington.

Highly commended in the Roundel Poetry Competition in Tonbridge.

I am one of the team of four that runs Teignmouth Poetry Festival. Click here to see a short film of this year's festival.

Elected chairman of the Moor Poets for the second year running.

Awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship 15/11/2013--14/12/2013

Commended in the 2013 Torbay Open Poetry Competition 26/10/13

Honourable mention in the Buzzwords Competition. 27/9/13

Commended in the Portico Prize. 20/9/13

Shortlisted in the 2013 Bridport Prize. 14/9/13

Have a poem accepted in the ExLibris inaugural pamphlet to be launched on October 5th as part of the Exeter Poetry Festival.

Two poems to be included in the 'Cardiff Women's Aid Anthology'

Two poems commended in the Poets Meets Painters Competition. See full results .

A fine review by Wendy Klein of my latest collection, 'The Chongololo Club' appears in The North magazine.


A Star-Studded Line-Up!

* * Angela France * * Graham Burchell * * Ruth O'Callaghan and other well-known poets

The 2013 Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year  Competition

is under way again, and as last year's winner I will be one of the three judges. To enter go to