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My previous collection 'The Chongololo Club' was published by

Pindrop press and was launched at The Phoenix Artist Club,

London on Tuesday, June 26th 2012 with a following Westcountry launch on Saturday, October 6th, in Exeter Central Library as part

of the Exeter Poetry Festival.

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A wonderful book. Full of the sights and sounds of an Africa he clearly loved, he is not blind to its occasional horror; nevertheless he convinces us

of its beauties through his careful observation, his ear for its many

languages and his eye for telling detail.

                                                                                                   Ian Duhig

Flora, fauna, people, loneliness, culture-shock, compassion and humour all contribute to making this collection haunting and coherent.                                             

                                                                                       Penelope Shuttle

Welcome--Meet Kate   from Indigo News May 2015:  South Devon based poet Graham Burchell's latest collection 'Kate' will be

released at the end of the month. Here are the complexities and conflicts of modern life as seen through the eyes of Kate, a fictional child of dysfunctional parents. You might say, 'she never stood a chance'. When life becomes unbearable, Kate retreats like Lewis Carroll's 'Alice' into her own fantasy world. This collection takes one on Kate's life journey from before birth to death. Graham painted the cover image too.